Weather Concentrate

Weather Measures has created the Weather Concentrate for you, a unique concentrate of innovation and multi-source weather data.
It provides you with reliable weather data, homogenized data, and real added value on your weather investments.

Thanks to the Weather Concentrate we are committed to providing you with data:

Includes remote sensing data such as satellites, weather radars, weather data from Météo France as well as numerical data.
Data processed with an accuracy per km² and up to 4 ha of surface area depending on the zones, as well as data supply to the plot or the scale of a territory.
ETP, radiation, temperature, wind, humidity and precipitation on any plot of your territory. Supply of a daily file with the hourly data of D-1 on all parameters.
Spatialized and cross-comparison data, thanks to monitoring and quality control tools that allow validation of the data provided.

And also…

Weather Measures accompanies you through all the key elements of precision agricultural weather to make your weather data sources an exhaustive, consistent and qualitative package:
– Audit of existing meteorological systems (radars, weather stations).
– Identification of the best areas for the installation of weather equipment: weather radars, weather stations, rain gauges.
– Installation of meteorological equipment: weather radars, weather stations, rain gauges, ground probes.
– Calibration and parameterization of your meteorological equipment: radar calibration with field data measured by rain gauges, checking of coherency of the data collected, etc…
Weather and rainfall data processing and integration with the Weather Measures Studio (WM Studio) software platform.
– Transmission of past, real time and forecasts weather data to the farmer, in the required formats.
– Maintenance of all your weather equipment: rain gauges, weather stations, rain radars.
Major players in the agricultural world have already called upon our services: Limagrain, Axéréal, INRA.

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