Put in place context-specific monitoring tools to limit the human, material and financial risk of climatic hazards.

Flood risk prevention is a key economic and social issue. Weather Measures monitors industrial sites on a daily basis for extreme weather events and minimizes their impact.

The issues at stake
Thanks to dedicated and tailor-made services, Weather Measures is now able to respond to various challenges that may arise for industries:

To meet these challenges, Weather Measures supports industrial companies through various services, structured according to companies issues..


Audit of site exposure to exceptional weather events
(Estimate of risks of occurrence, analysis of exposure to climatic risks, analysis of potential impacts…)

•   Recommendations for adapting sites to limit risks and exposure
•   Definition and implementation of alert protocols
•   Continuous site monitoring (applications and dedicated websites)
•   Short-term alerts on highly targeted geographic areas (e-mail, sms, telephone)

Weather Measures expertise helps companies manage weather risks and in particular flood risk to limit their impact as much as possible.
Because the consequences of climatic hazards must be taken seriously and rigorously into account, the Michelin Group has decided to trust Weather Measures.

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