Data reprocessing

Whether you are in the agricultural or industrial sector, Weather Measures supports you in reprocessing data with its software platform.

Multi-source data
Our WM Studio Platform, based on a multi-source approach, is the result of intense development linked to our innovation and ensures the management and monitoring of meteorological data. Thanks to the development of mathematical algorithms, it allows data assimilation and fusion.
These data are of all types: they are measured using X-band radars operated by Weather Measures, meteorological sensors (including rain gauges, disdrometers), national meteorological radars (C & S bands) and satellites, as well as meteorological models.
This set of solutions led to the creation of a unique product: the Weather Concentrate.

A unique data valorization tool
Our WM Studio platform is configured according to the specific issues of the different actors of the agricultural world and industrial companies, and more generally of many sectors impacted by weather sensitivity (towns, actors of the sanitation world…). Among the functionalities available, each customer can access precipitation maps at the scale of a territory.

The WM Studio platform provides you with all types of data: precipitation, wind, temperature, humidity, radiation, ETP… corresponding to the specific needs of our customers.

The main innovation of the WM Studio platform is based on the assimilation and integration of all types of data (RADAR, weather models, satellites, sensor networks) in order to meet your expectations.

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