The team

Weather Measures is a history of weather and technical expertise. It is also and above all a human adventure carried by two managers: Emmanuel Buisson, President, and Arnault Trac, Marketing and Sales Manager; as well as by shareholders involved, such as Pierre Béal, FCPR JEREMIE INNOVATION, and SOFIMAC Partners, venture capital. The team is composed of specialists with complementary and multidisciplinary technical skills.

Emmanuel BUISSON
D. in Atmospheric Physics from the Blaise Pascal University, Emmanuel is in charge of technical expertise in meteorology and high-resolution radar technologies. His main areas of intervention within the company are project management, collaborative project management and innovation financing. He participated in the creation of the E2IA cluster of excellence, of which he was president from its creation until 2012. At the national level, he was administrator and treasurer of the PEXE, an association of French eco-companies, for three years.

« I’m fortunate to work in a field that I’m passionate about: weather. Working with a strong innovation component, a wide variety of projects, including instrumentation, is even better! This allows us to draw new perspectives on new topics on a daily basis.”

Arnault TRAC

Graduated from EM Grenoble, Arnault has worked in large groups for nearly 15 years in purchasing, sales and digital marketing, then managed a leading SME in France in digital marketing. He co-founded Weather Measures in 2015.

« Entrepreneurship is an exciting human and professional adventure. I am proud of the precision meteorological project that we carry out for the market and our customers. Our field of activity is undergoing a strong transformation, dynamic and innovative. It reminds me in some ways of the very early days of the web in the late 1990s. The possibilities are huge, the social and societal impact determining.”


Computer design engineer
Damien graduated from a Master’s degree in computer science specializing in imaging and with several years of teaching and R&D at the university, Damien joined the Weather Measures team in March 2016. He is responsible for modeling complex systems, setting up warning platforms and meteorological monitoring. His areas of expertise are algorithms and image processing. He is also a scientific and technical correspondent for the collaboration with INRIA.

« The team is dynamic, the project is motivating and interesting: we work with special and unusual technologies, we process rare and diverse data with the aim of converging results. »

Julien holds a BTS degree in Computer Services for organizations and a professional degree in Intranet Internet Applications Development. He is a software development engineer at Weather Measures, where he is responsible for the architecture and development of weather data processing software, as well as the design and management of data storage solutions.

« Passionate about computers since I was a teenager, I bring all my experience through the work I do in the Weather Measures team.”

Holder of a Master 2 Pro (M2) in Environmental Science – Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse III), Tatiana is a data analysis engineer and research fellow at Weather Measures.
Tatiana started her career as a research engineer at the CNRS in Villefranche-Sur-Mer in 2011 on the processing and analysis of satellite data in situ. Tatiana joined the Weather Measures team in early 2017 with a solid background in meteorology and data science.

« I love science and environmental issues, that’s why I went into these professions. Observing the world and trying to understand it seems to me to be very important. I want to make scientific results understandable to a wide range of audiences.”



Laurence holds a master’s degree in accounting and has worked for over 10 years in the associative sector on cross-functional accounting, legal and social management functions. This experience enabled her to join another start-up in Auvergne in 2007. In 2015, she accompanied the creation of Weather Measures.

« Executive assistant at Weather Measures, it’s about taking advantage of the diversity of “administrative” jobs in a start-up and the certainty of living every day, a different working day.
It is the pleasure of sharing the life of a small, cohesive, motivated and dynamic team that wishes to offer the best to its customers and to be in a constant process of innovation. »

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