Weather Measures has established partnerships with internationally recognized weather equipment specialists and manufacturers, as well as with university research laboratories and clusters.

Technical partners: Numtech, Eldes, Alliance Technologies, Campbell Scientific
Scientific Partners: Lamp, Inria
Sectoral partners (clusters)

Numtech is a company specializing in modelling atmospheric phenomena, in particular air quality and meteorology.
For more than 10 years, NUMTECH has been developing an operational high-resolution weather forecasting system for France and Europe and provides its customers (refining and petrochemicals, waste, agriculture) with daily data 24/7.
Eldes produces weather radars and radar simulation systems, as well as software for remote control and radar maintenance.
Since 2011, Weather Measures has been working with ELDES to test high-resolution rainfall radars. The WM Studio software platform was developed by Weather Measures to exploit the data from the radar and an exclusive distribution contract was signed to enable Weather Measures to market the ELDES range of radars.
Campbell Scientific’s automatic weather stations have become a world reference for the study of boundary layer climate and meteorology. They are an integral part of system forecasting and monitoring around the world. National research institute dedicated to digital technology, its researchers are meeting the challenges of computer science and mathematics. For Weather Measures, it is a privileged research partner, as is the Pierre-et-Marie Curie University.
Céréales Vallées is a cluster in the field of grains research. It is the result of a partnership between INRA and Limagrain, in the field of agronomic research for grains. The Laboratory of Physical Meteorology is a joint laboratory CNRS / Blaise Pascal University. The LaMP is an important technical and scientific partner in continuing to work on improving the quality of high-resolution rainfall data.
Alliance Technologies is a distributor of weather and industrial measurement sensors and systems. The company is also the French partner of European suppliers renowned for the quality of their equipment and know-how. VEGEPOLYS is a cluster gathering companies, research and training centres around innovative projects to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in the field of plants. Its concentration of companies, laboratories and schools is unique in Europe
E2IA brings together all the regional players in the eco-company sector (SMEs, SMIs, research laboratories, institutional players) in order to: generate activities between its members, create complementarities, respond to joint projects and promote the sector.
This cluster develops innovative solutions to target environmental performance.
Born from the merger of the Pégase and Risques divisions, SAFE is the only cluster positioned in the field of global security in France.
Collectively, it designs and builds innovative solutions for the benefit of the population and the environment for missions of surveillance, safeguarding, protection by means of aerial vectors such as UAVs, satellites, airships, helicopters.
This digital valley of plants faces major challenges such as the competitiveness and sustainability of farms through digital technologies, enabling a global and coherent approach to provide innovative solutions for all sectors.
Digital technologies are expected to play a central role in meeting the challenges of the plant industry.
The mission of this cluster of sustainable agro-technologies is to favour innovation in companies in order to gain competitiveness, by federating companies, and research and training organizations around a project of Research & Development,.
The cluster supports companies to promote the products resulting from this research, with a view to economic development

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