Precision meteorology

High-resolution data delivery service

Weather Measures focuses on meteorology and precision rainfall. Accurate weather information is now essential for the agricultural sector and all economic players (industry, energy, insurance, etc.).

  • Precipitation
  • Wind
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Radiation
  • PET (Potential evapotranspiration)

A strong conviction

Weather Measures was created in 2015 to meet an unmet need in the meteorology market: the optimization of a sensitive meteorological activity thanks to the implementation of precision meteorology on a spatio-temporal scale.

Weather Measures offers a turnkey high-resolution, spatialized data delivery service to all its targets and customers, and values weather data through the control of the entire value chain.

Our expertise


Advising our customers on their meteorological issue Assembling durable installations
Recommend the best global solution based on available weather data sources and the weather sensitivity of your activity. Implement custom-made sensors and sensor networks in the field (weather stations, radars) and maintain installations.


Innovating for meteorological expertise Valuing meteorological data on a fine-scale
Since its inception, Weather Measures has continuously developed its skills and
expertise and has its know-how, by proposing new products based on the latest technologies, such as digital technologies and data sciences..
Integrate, reprocess and valorize data via our WM Studio platform, which uses different data sources to add value at one POI and in one place.

Weather Measures fits the weather-sensitivity of its customers, focuses on the added value of meteorological data in their business and provides the best meteorological data on a spatio-temporal scale.

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