Environment and prevention

Flood risk prevention is a key economic and social issue for many institutional and private actors. Most of the time, these risks are linked to rivers with a high risk of flooding during centennial and/or decadal floods, or to watersheds subject to sudden and exceptionally large storms.

Weather Measures has developed a meteorological warning system focused on small delineated watersheds.

This system allows the industrial or local authority to trigger progressive safety actions by means of pre-alert and then alert levels until the final decision is made to put people in safety.

Our system also aims to make it easier and faster to restart operations at monitored sites.

Weather Measures adapts to the needs of each type of actor, and for each project :

● Weather Measures proposes a robust methodology to meet the expectations of the sponsor, taking into account the complexity of the targeted site and its environment, as well as the criticality of the study.

● Weather Measures describes the organization that will be implemented to achieve your service (team allocated to the study, planning, meetings and reports), and the quality assurance plan if necessary.


Our meteorological warning system is intended to be gradual and based on relevant and aggregated indicators to be exploitable by a non-specialist in urban meteorology and hydrology.

It allows pre-alerting on delays to be validated together before an episode with risk of flooding and is refined over time to confirm or not this pre-alert and lead to a definitive alert of the order of 30 minutes before an episode at risk.

Our system is based on warning indicators defined from meteorological conditions (precipitation) and hydrological conditions in the area to be monitored (flow or height of water, especially for rivers).

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Put in place context-specific monitoring tools to limit the human, material and financial risk of climatic hazards.

Flood risk prevention is a key economic and social issue. Weather Measures monitors industrial sites on a daily basis for extreme weather events and minimizes their impact.

The issues at stake
Thanks to dedicated and tailor-made services, Weather Measures is now able to respond to various challenges that may arise for industries:

To meet these challenges, Weather Measures supports industrial companies through various services, structured according to companies issues..


Audit of site exposure to exceptional weather events
(Estimate of risks of occurrence, analysis of exposure to climatic risks, analysis of potential impacts…)

•   Recommendations for adapting sites to limit risks and exposure
•   Definition and implementation of alert protocols
•   Continuous site monitoring (applications and dedicated websites)
•   Short-term alerts on highly targeted geographic areas (e-mail, sms, telephone)

Weather Measures expertise helps companies manage weather risks and in particular flood risk to limit their impact as much as possible.
Because the consequences of climatic hazards must be taken seriously and rigorously into account, the Michelin Group has decided to trust Weather Measures.

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Precision farming cannot be achieved without precision agricultural meteorology. Weather Measures supports the agricultural world in the evolution of the profession towards precision, sustainable, responsible and high-performance agriculture.

Climate affects all aspects of agricultural activities.

All meteorological factors (solar radiation, temperature, precipitation, wind, evaporation…) are taken into account for the construction of living matter.
Weather and climate have an influence on the plant, but the soil is the laboratory in which these energies are used. The latter changes at every moment in a direction that depends essentially on atmospheric conditions.

Understanding these climatic conditions is critical to optimizing production and reducing costs through accurate agricultural meteorology :



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